Smart Wireless Implant for Infection Monitoring SWi2M



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Smart Wireless Implant for Infection Monitoring applied to a sensorized knee spacer implant (SmartSpacer) to track local joint infection status.




SWi2M is a translational, interdisciplinary and BMBF funded research project between engineers from the chair of biomedical electronics at the technical university of Munich (LBE-TUM) and physicians from the clinic for orthopedics and sports orthopedics at the university hospital Rechts der Isar (MRI ORTUM). Together with our partners (with the necessary diverse expertise), Heraeus Medical (bone cement and implants), Broadcom (optoelectronic components), essentim (platinum design and integration) and optasensor (camera technology), we want to address an important so far unsolved challenge of today's revision arthroplasty in so-called low-grade periprosthetic infections by high-tech digitization and powerful sensorization.

Involved chapters of the technical university of munich

X-rays of an implanted TEP spacer and 3d scan of the implant

Progression of spacer prototype from 3d printing to encapsulated cameracip

Our main Motivation:

Development of a novel digitized spacer for longitudinal tracking of the infection situation in two-stage total endoprosthesis (TEP) replacement


To answer the main question:

When can the spacer interval be terminated and the final endoprosthesis be implanted?


Funded by BMBF