Smart Wireless Implant for Infection Monitoring SWi2M


- 12/2023: An in-depth product video showcasing the entire manufacturing process.

- 06/2023: after intensive testing of the circuits, the first boards will be encapsulated in the next steps.

- 03/2023: In the upcoming weeks we will receive our new prototypes (including all relevant detectors) whose PCB design has been further miniaturised and energy optimised.

   - 12/2022: By using UV-VIS scatter spectra and different random forest applications, staphylococci concentrations between 102 to 108(e2 to e8) cfu/ml could already be detected and distinguished from each other.

 Illustration of some of the parameter evolutions used in our random forest.

- 07/2022: To date, using initial 3D-printed and/or encapsulated Bluetooth-enabled SmartSpacer prototypes, we have been able to capture live intra-articular images and videos using ex vivo human and porcine knee samples.  Furthermore, the built-in acceleration and temperature sensors show perfect functionality even in the encapsulated state.

Progression of spacer prototype from 3d printing to encapsulated cameracip

Wireless transmission of a video recording from the inside of a pig's knee and capture of the gyroscope and temperature sensor functionality

- 05/2022: Granted BMBF funding proposal for "Translationsprojekte Personalisierte Medizin"; over three years BMBF (approx. 2.5 million €)
Project start at May 1st, 2022